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all of our digits are UK road legal
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Raised Gel Resin Number Plates

Invest in 3D gel number plates and make your car or motorbike stand out from the crowd! 3D gel number plates are a great way to enhance your vehicle. Using the latest doming technology, we manufacture high spec, bespoke raised gel number plates. We offer a wide range of gel styles, customizable features and great value for money.

Gel Domed Number Plates

Our user-friendly order system guides you through how to design your very own personalised gel number plates. Once you have entered your reg number correctly, you let us know what size 3D gel number plates you require. You choose which make or model your vehicle is, as well as telling us whether it’s for front or rear plates. Following this, you are invited to browse our impressive selection of gel domed number plate fonts, styles and colours. We even have a good choice of vintage raised gel number plates for classic automobile enthusiasts.

Are Gel Number Plates Legal?

Are gel number plates legal?” is the question we are often asked. The simple answer is a resounding “Yes”! As long as our customers provide us with the exact registration number details, we ensure all of our 3D gel number plates meet DVLA legal standards. We then guarantee all digits on our gel domed number plates are clear, the correct size, suitably spaced and hard-wearing; all gel number plates legal conditions are met and are in line with DVLA guidelines.

Where Can I Gel Number Plates Near Me?

Raised gel number plates is what we do, providing luxury products throughout the United Kingdom. Wherever you live, thanks to our straightforward ordering and excellent customer service, distance is never a problem. We use reliable courier services, making sure our new gel resin number plates arrive as safely and speedily as possible.

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